My name is Ved Kumar. Digital marketing expert.

” A pro digital Marketer. Serving onsite from 2017 in Digital Marketing segment. A CA aspirant, who understands the customer/User behaviour. I have the skill and experience to target your customer at the right place at the right time. Most affordable Digital Marketing Services for Pan India 24*7 Support(for Ad/PPC client). An expert in PPC and Google Ads. 360° Marketing Solutions for your traditional Business.I help you to take your business online smoothly without any Headache.”

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I have been more than 6 years in digital marketing industries, and have help more than 141 companies to grow their business Gloabally.

Founder of Karpro

About Me

A CA aspirant turned into Digital Marketer. A Hardworker influenced by my Maa. Working on lesson tought by my father, earn people before money. 

I am a Bihari, Indian. I worked for various organisation from past 6 years.Its includes onsite and freelancing Both. I am dedicated about business and being a student of Business, love to target them and give value to customers and clients both. Digital Marketing is revolution of marketing. Future is limitless with the Internet. 

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

My Experience

Worked for 2 International Comapnies in the earliest of my carrier and worked as a freelancer for more than 140+ Organisation.

As I said I am a student of business so started learning My Digital Marketing skills in 2016 and started onsite working for a UK based Company and after that worked for a USA based Company and after the Freelanced for more than 140 Organisation. After that I joined a Digital Marketing Agency as a Senior Digital Marketin. And Now I am helping Business to grow digital and provinding 360 degree Digital Markrting Solution.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Being an expert of Google Ads and PPC and After wokring on all area of Digital Marketing started suggesting businesses to grow Digitally.


Senior Digital Marketing

After working in every particular areas, Started working as a Head of Digital Marketing and worked for 2 Years.


Junior Digital Marketing

When I got Confident , started working onsite & worked as a Junior Digital Marketer- worked nearly 2 Years.


Freelance Marketing

Started Learnig Digital Marketing in 2016. This was the new time for freelancers and I worked as a freelancer.

Featured Services

I am a Pro in Google ads and PPC. Worked More than 90+ Projects for thr same. 

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"Good Experience, Full Professional and Timely Delivery. 100% Satisfied"
Monica Sharma
"Interacted on Linkedin, then I hired him for SEO. He has magic, Now I am ranking for multiple Keywords on Google."
Soni Trivedi
"I was running my ads by own, Going good but he convinced me and handling my project from past 3 months, Quality conversions now. Thanks Ved."
Rahul shahay
"(I am new in the market, Can you trust me for your marketing services) This was his first line when he did first call. Now I can say trust on him is worthy."
maniKant shah

Digital Marketing Services - Pricing

Top nouch services in Most Affordable Cost. Our Eco-system is design for cost efficiency to the client.

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